If you were supporting Joe Biden in the US presidential elections, then congratulations on the win! Even if you weren’t, you have to admit that the drone show at the end of the victory celebrations was one of a kind!

After Biden was announced as president-elect and Harris as vice-president-elect, the world saw the whole of America celebrate. Huge cheers went up as Biden and Harris addressed the nation in their first speech after taking office. At the end of the speech, everyone was awed by the drone show in which the words ‘Biden’, ‘Harris’, ‘46th’, ‘US’ and more were illuminated in the sky. The drone show was accompanied by fireworks too that shot off in different colors and the whole thing looked quite impressive.

Now that the elections are over, Biden has been elected president, and America is done with celebrations (some people are still celebrating, mind you), let’s talk about what that drone show was and how it worked.

What are drone shows?

Technology never ceases to awe us, and drones are a great example of high-tech gadgets. In recent years, drone shows moved from the experimental world to fieldwork where they are used in shows and large-scale events.

The technology behind them may be complex but the effect they create is really mesmerizing and striking. Performed by several drones at one time, a drone light show is basically an aerial performance that uses LED lights. The drones are designed and set in an illuminated and synchronized way so that they can literally project any image at the sky.

The graphics are turned into flight commands which are relayed to the drone as it launches in the air to start the show. The number of drones used in a show can range from fifty to several thousand, and if they have long battery life and weight, they can fly for a long period as well.

What is the technology behind drone shows?

As much as you may wish, drones do not have a mind of their own. They are just like robots, following only the basic commands they are given. To operate them, they need to have a designed program that is produced by a team of specialists. It includes the images or slides of whatever is desired to show.

These images are then projected in the drone. A special piece of software is used to do that which coordinates the flight path for the drones as per the images. If needed, soundtracks or music audios can be added to make the show more interesting.

The drone normally is equipped with a GPS system that helps them navigate their way through the sky. Once the show is set, it is then transmitted to the drones. The drones are operated wirelessly by pilots or engineers who give the signal and voila, the show starts.

Can drone shows be an alternative to traditional fireworks?

Well, this is rather an interesting factor to consider. There are several reasons that can be highlighted when debating over fireworks and drone shows. The first of all would be, of course, that fireworks are noisy, and there are concerns over them being a hazard to the environment as well as they increase pollution levels.

Another problem with traditional fireworks is that they scare away animals and birds due to their loud bangs which many people do not deem good. They also cause littering from their plastic wrapping. Most importantly, fireworks increase the risk of wildfires, and accidents often occur when firework displays go wrong.

Keeping in view the above problems, what is the best alternative? Drone shows, of course!

Lucky for you, drone shows have nothing to do with any kind of bangs and smoke. In fact, they have a very smooth system and they never fail to impress audiences. Although there was firework shooting too at Biden’s victory speech together with the drone show, there have been several other occasions when drone shows did brilliant enough all alone.

What are the pros and cons of drone shows?

When it comes to the plus points of drone shows, there are many available because unlike fireworks, drone services have a lot to offer. Firstly, drones are reusable and very eco-friendly. So they pose no threat to the environment or wildlife. Since they are properly controlled, they can be used safely without any accidents and hazards.

Secondly, drones have a great range when it comes to displaying effects. Unlike fireworks, the content is totally up to what you want your audience to see. It can be literally any image or slide you like, designed accordingly with all the special effects your drone has.

For example, the complete map of the United States with all its corners intact shot up at the sky during Biden’s speech, all thanks to the drones!

With drones, you can also have 3D pictures projected while fireworks are just repeated effects. Drones are also great for use in confined spaces where fireworks can’t go banging off.

After reading all this, you would be thinking that if a thing is so brilliant, why isn’t it used often? Well, drone shows are quite expensive and you would have to spend a lot to organize a good one.

They often need special regulatory approval and the insurance costs are high as well. The technology behind a drone show can be complex sometimes, and some parts may need extra handling. The operating team has to be properly trained before doing fieldwork. Also, as safe as they may seem, drone shows still need some safety protocols.


Everything you ever needed to know about drone shows is summarized above. With all the information being briefed, let’s acknowledge the fact that drone shows are no doubt a great connection between science, art, and technology and they have not yet failed to astonish people. With countless prospects available, they are truly an amazing way to write your tale on the sky where thousands can read and enjoy it immensely.

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