Have you ever wondered how people manage to get those beautiful sweeping videos and photographs of their businesses or events? The kind where the camera rises up above the trees in the morning light, showing off a beautiful wedding ceremony or a new building development that highlights all of the work that a company has accomplished.

Those kinds of shots would require expensive gyroscopic cameras and helicopters or cranes in years past, putting them out of the average business owner’s hands. Thankfully today, you can have as many breathtaking videos and photos as you could want, thanks to our drone services! At Atlanta Drone Pros, we pride ourselves on our ability to capture images indoors and outdoors, in the dynamic fashion that you can only get with modern drones.

Our Atlanta Drone Services

Drone pilots can capture images of intimate personal moments like proposals or other celebrations by way of unique vantage points, with the freedom to film nearby or from considerable distances, which allows for dramatic staging by eliminating the apparent presence of a traditional photographer or videographer.

Despite the increased accessibility of drones to allow users to create their own aerial photography, drone operation and support requires technical knowledge and piloting expertise. Our drone pilots work closely with our technicians, administrative staff, and image laboratory experts to create and process incredible visual projects from start to finish.

Work With Atlanta Drone Experts

Many hurdles can prevent an amateur drone operator from creating those sweeping vistas and keeping up with fast-paced action. In addition to the practice required, there are many steps involved with filming and post-production that can be impossible for fledgling pilots. The advantage of booking Atlanta drone services through our company is eliminating all the barriers that prevent you from having the visual assets you deserve.

All of our operators and support staff keep up to date with all legal, regulatory, insurance, and risk mitigation practices. These requirements are necessary for any drone operation, and especially for urban areas, there can be a lot of red tape for small businesses to work through if they wish to film using drones.

Working with Atlanta Drone Pros takes all of the uncertainty out of these projects. We are committed to taking care of the complicated and tedious aspects of filming for you so that you can focus on the creativity that drives your project or event.

Our Commitment To You

Make sure to visit our website today to get a free quote for your project or event, and don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any questions or concerns that you might have about our process. At Atlanta Drone Pros, we work with our partners and clients to make dreams a reality. Allow us to take all the guesswork out of your next creative project so that you can focus on what really matters, the end result.

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