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Drone videography by Atlanta Drone Pros captures video images using remotely-operated or autonomous unmanned aerial vehicles better known as drones. Using our full range of advanced drone options operated by highly experienced and trained operators, Atlanta Drone Pros captures images never before available short of renting a helicopter or crane at enormous expense and inconvenience. When still or even video images from the ground — or even 360 degree virtual tours from ground level — are not enough, take to the skies for a perspective and scale you and your viewers may never have seen or appreciated before.

Atlanta Drone Pros provides a full range of certified, trained, and insured drones and drone pilots and videographers to operate safely while capturing the essential images required to achieve your goals and to complete your projects.

How Can Drone Video Services Help Your Business?

Drone video services can help your business to surpass the expectations of whomever is targeted by your media content. Whether you’re a creator, realtor, developer, explorer, marketer, or creator, you and the consumers of your content have become accustomed to a wide breadth of image and video content. You’re careful to meet your consumers’ expectations, but Atlanta Drone Pros can help you to exceed those expectations by providing never before seen perspectives of your ideas, properties, projects, and resources in living color — and not just living colour, but moving colour. We can help ensure your images are seen above all the noise that people are used to seeing.

If Your Content Isn’t Sitting Still, Why Should Your Images?

Sometimes the exactly perfect format for a particular image — taken from a drone at height or with a camera on a tripod — is a still shot. Poignant as a still shot may be, though, there are moments when the power of a fast-moving event is best conveyed only by moving images captured by skilled drone operators able to access perspectives and angles to disclose new and compelling material about what’s happening. Whether it’s a scene that unfolds across a large geographic area or a dynamic and highly sensual event, our sophisticated drone technology is uniquely equipped to capture and convey the most compelling content possible.

Trust The Professional Experts

You’re the experts in your project, your commercial priorities, and your creative ambitions. We are the experts in advanced drone technologies, and fully understand and comply with all legal, regulatory, and insurance requirements and risk mitigation practices. By retaining Atlanta Drone Pros to support your project with drone video services, you can rest assured and confident that all risks of the project are being professionally managed while all image-making opportunities are being exploited.

Our pilots work seamlessly with our technicians, administrative staff, and image laboratory staff to capture and process images and videos safely, professionally, and efficiently  after carefully surveying the operations area, ensuring all necessary permissions, and carefully planning the project to ensure no resources — including your time and investment — are wasted. We’d love the chance to discuss how to unleash the potential of your next project with drone video services. Please contact us at your convenience for a free consultation.

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